Why You Should Wear Chelsea Boots in 2021?

Why You Should Wear Chelsea Boots in 2021?

You don’t have to puff yourself up, or flaunt your gilded stones to be able to make a style statement. With these Chelsea boots, at least, no more!


Let’s delve into the history of these classic footwear and understand why they’re in trend, and rightly so! Chelsea boots are said to have Victorian roots, the design of which was formulated by J. Sparkes-Hall, Queen Victoria’s esteemed boot maker. Formerly referred to as Paddock boots, these deceptively comfortable footwear happen to share characteristics with the classic Jodhpur boots. The popularity of these boots could be associated with musicians like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones who often wore elasticated boots. From being selectively used for horse riding because of their comfortable and protective features, to dwelling on a style statement today, Chelsea boots have come a long way. Whether you want to come across a strong alpha male, stand out in the crowd or simply don’t want to cut down on comfort on the cost of fashion, these versatile boots have got your back! They are classy, offer variety and can be easily slipped on and off, which makes them a perfect go-to with most outfits.


Now you know, we’re guilty and proud, or better yet proudly guilty for our obsession with one of the finest footwears ever- Chelsea boots! And what’s not to love?


Versatility- Check!

With the amazing range of choices, design varieties and bold outlooks, Chelsea boots are bound to blend in well, with any outfit you choose to put on. Be it your T-shirts, formal shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts- you name it.



Variety- Check!

Versatility does not mean we’re cutting down on choices! You’ve got different designs, colours, shapes, sizes and ankle heights to choose from, if you’re down to go Chelsea boot shopping.


Comfort- Check!

Gone are the days when style had to creep you out of your comfort zone. Chelsea boots make sure that your signature statement is made within your cosy and comfortable footwear. To what we’d like to say, with their easy slip on-off characteristic, they’re beyond ‘just comfortable’.


Style- Check!

Oh yes, all these features and a stylish outlook, isn’t it a perfect deal? Chelsea boots are sleek, slender and call out for fashion to all the onlookers!

Did you know these amazing boots start for as little as ₹999/-? Well, you do now. Check out eegoitaly.in for a great collection of Chelsea Boots. Wondering what’s the perfect attire to match up with your sleek Chelsea boots? Well, there are different outlooks that you can try, based on the occasion, time of the day or even your mood. The trick is to spice things up; and we’re here to guide you for that!

  • If you’re in the mood for a casual outlook, just throw up on a pair of tees and your favourite jeans. Put on these lovely boots and you’re good to go; hitting on a pleasant vibe! Black Chelsea boots almost always go with everything, so who’s at a win-win?
  • Tired of wearing standard formal leather shoes with your suits? Try out a pair of well-polished Chelsea boots of a colour that compliments your suit and there you go, making a strong style statement! Throwing in an expert tip here: Make sure that your suit trousers are well-tailored and kept in accordance to the ankle-height of your footwear.
  • If you’re anything like us, you know we love to mix things up! Nothing could serve you better than picking up a wild sweatshirt, pairing it up with a good pair of trousers, and finishing it up with classic Chelsea boots. These boots feature an extremely simple silhouette, and thus allow you to adapt it according to your own need and lifestyle.


Chelsea boots are not just a type of footwear, but a tool to make up your personality into whatever you want it to be. These boots are beyond fashion, and beyond comfort!

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