Which type of Shoes is good to Wear With Every Kind of Suit?

Which type of Shoes is good to Wear With Every Kind of Suit?

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Which type of Shoes is good to Wear With Every Kind of Suit? Whenever it comes to going for an occasion, you want to look different and unique, for which you leave no stone unturned to get ready, especially when you have to attend a wedding or any professional work . When it comes to accessories for the wedding day, shoes are one of the most important. The variety of shoes for men like Oxfords, Derbies and Monk straps etc. and you don't have to limit yourself to basic patent leather these days, you can find something that has the potential to wear beyond marriage.

That's why today we will give you information about such types of shoes which you can wear with any type of suit and which will give your look the most unique Whether you are going for wedding, conference, office or any other occasion or work


1.Here Are List of Shoes To Wear With Any Type of Suit

1.Oxfords shoes to Wear With Any Type of Suit

shoes to Wear With Any Type of Suit

The Oxfords are classic dress shoes. Oxford shoes have a low heel, exposed ankle, and closed-lace system, wherein the eyelet facing is stitched under the quarters, the interior and exterior quarters are stitched underneath the vamp. Oxford shoes are fit for the office, for date nights, and for weddings.


2.Derby Shoes to Wear With Any Type of Suit

Shoes to Wear With Any Type of Suit

Derby shoes are different from the oxford with their open-laced system and with a simpler design. The quarters are stitched on top of the vamp. The open-laced construction makes for a slightly more relaxed and moveable look and feel.

Derbies are usually a little more casual And we would say if you’re a wedding guest so derbies are the best choice for you. Derbies is a top choice for daily wear, and for occasions.


3.Monk Straps to Wear With Any Type of Suit

Monk Straps to Wear With Any Type of Suit

Another shoe category which you can wear with any type of suit for a wedding and other occasions is the monk strap shoes, monk strap shoe style consists of a strap on the top of the shoe in the alternative to laces, with a single or double buckle.

The monk strap shoe is not formal like oxfords and derbies, but the monk strap shoe's trendy look is worthy of any suit-wearing sir’s repertoire. If you’re buying a monk strap shoe and you’re wearing it to a wedding, So people are going to remember your unique look.


4.Loafer Shoes

Monk Straps to Wear With Any Type of Suit

Loafers are a good choice if you want lace less shoes with a suit. If you have oxfords, derbies, and monk straps in your shoe rack, you can also add a pair of loafers shoes.

Loafers are slip-on shoes and come in an enormous variety of colors, materials, and designs. For example, penny loafers, horse-bit loafers, and Tassel loafers come's in both leather and suede fabrications. Loafers shoes are a good choice to wear with any type of suit at a wedding or other occasions.



Brogues actually refer to the process of decorating a shoe with patterns or designs, it’s come to be a common name for men’s dress shoes for embellishment. If you want to get attention to your footwear or bring some personality into a simple or dull outfit, wearing brogues with a suit is absolutely great choice.

As a guest, brogue shoes can make you look very attractive. Brogue shoes will look great with a standard suit, a simple tie, and a solid shirt.



We hope now you have got the answer that which type of shoes is good to wear with all types of suits? We know that it is very difficult to choose a pair of shoes in a huge variety, so this blog will definitely help you find the best pair of shoes that you can wear with your suit. If you liked this article then share it with your friends and near ones.

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