Top 10 Safety Shoes Available in India

Top 10 Safety Shoes Available in India

Heavy lifting, slick surfaces, rotary equipment, hot objects, electricity, and chemical exposure need the use of Safety Shoes. A safety shoe is required for the majority of people who work in such a hazardous setting. These shoes come in a variety of styles, so you may pick one that best suits your needs. In this article, we tell you about the Top 10 Indian Safety Shoes Brands.

For both men and women, there are many different types of safety shoes on the market, but in this topic we will talk especially about best safety shoes for men's in India.  Let's take a look in this Eego Italy's blog at the many types of safety shoes and how they apply to various job categories.


List of Top 10 Safety Shoes Available in India

Find below safety shoes available in India

1. 1156 Allen Cooper Men’s Safety Shoe

 1156 Allen Cooper Men’s Safety Shoe

It is one of the greatest safety shoes and has the highest overall rating. Its thick, rigid construction completely covers your ankle and toe. It has a steel toe that can bear a 200J impact. The rubber sole of these shoes will improve your grip and prevent you from slipping.

The inner part of the shoe is made of moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. Obviously, the safety shoe also protects the health of your feet.


    2. Ever Safety Shoes for Men's

    Ever Safety Shoes for Men's


    Because of its comfort and rubber soles, millions of people throughout the world rely on Ever Safety Shoes. Engineers, Electricians, Linesmen, Maintenance men, Mechanic, Warehouse Worker, Plumber, and Construction workers will appreciate this beautiful shoe.

    They come in a variety of sizes and resistances. Standard passes 18,000V protection 60 hearts for one minute for EH-rated footwear. These appear to be unbreakable, and they're also oil and slide resistant. Furthermore, the steel toe boot is both comfortable and sturdy to wear.


      3. Eego Italy WW-70 safety shoes 

      Top 10 Safety Shoes Available in India

      This Eego Italy WW-70 boot is one of the best-selling items, with over 1 million delighted consumers. It can be used in the following industries: automotive, construction, electronics, manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, aerospace & aviation, logistics & transportation, pharmaceutical, and ridding.

      The nicest aspect is that it's made of breathable textile mesh and has ankle support to keep your feet from twisting. It's comfy to wear all day because of the textile's breathability.


      4. Eego Italy WW-98 safety shoes 

      Top 10 Safety Shoes Available in India

      Eego Italy's WW-98 Safety Shoe has a real leather upper with a textile mesh insert. The shoe has the sensation of a sports shoe rather than a safety shoe, and it is lightweight and features a breathable textile inner.

      It is appropriate for use in the following industries: automotive, construction, electronics, manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, aerospace & aviation, logistics & transportation, pharmaceutical, and riding.

      5.Karam Leather Safety Shoes

      Karam Leather Safety Shoes

      Premium full-grain leather is used on the outer layer, with a black Cambrelle quarter lining. In addition, the vamp lining is made of abrasion-resistant fabric. The single density PU sole is a key element of this product, as it makes it exceptionally comfy. Because of their anti-static properties, these shoes are a suitable solution in electrical sectors.

      Furthermore, the anti-fatigue properties of this product make it ideal for short-term contract work. Aside from that, the shoes are acid and oil resistant, as well as anti-slip and heat resistant. If you operate on slick terrain, the anti-slip property should alleviate any concerns.




      6.Timberwood Men’s Steel Toe Black

      Timberwood Men’s Steel Toe Black

      It is one of the best safety shoes  should be easy to put on and take off. Your feet will be completely comfortable and cushioned in the Fashion Tree Timberwood Men's Steel Toe Black Safety Shoes -7. They will not put strain on your legs because they are constructed of lightweight material.

      You can also visit Eego Italy's website to buy steel toe safety shoes.


      7.Hillson Century Safety Gumboots

      Hillson Century Safety Gumboots

      The majority of construction projects necessitate the usage of gumboots because the task involves the use of cement and concrete, which can destroy your clothes and legs. Gumboots developed for customer safety and comfort on building sites and workplaces are Hillson Century Safety Gumboots.

      These shoes are abrasion-resistant, which means the material used in their construction does not scrape off or rip apart, making them sturdy and long-lasting.


      8.Neosafe Helix Safety Shoes

      Neosafe Helix Safety Shoes

      The Neo safe is a leading safety shoe manufacturer in India. The Neosafe Helix Safety Shoes have a budget-friendly price tag and may be used for a variety of purposes. For starters, it has a double-density PU injection sole that is extremely durable. Second, the item can withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius.

      It allows it to be used in high-temperature environments. Finally, the Cambrelle lining ensures that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the day. This product is distinguished by its compliance with the S1 Safety Standard. It should assuage any concerns you may have about the product's safety. This product's anti-skid feature helps you in slick areas.


      9. Acme Safety Shoes 

      Acme Safety Shoes

      If long days in factories, workshops, or construction are a part of your daily routine, the ACME safety shoes should be your go-to footwear. The shoe's excellent electrical resistance, in particular, makes it perfect for companies that work with a lot of electrical equipment. The electrical resistance of the sole ranges from 100 K Ohm to 1000 M Ohm.

      If you are and electricity worker so visit Eego Italy website now to buy electricity hazard shoes in best price.

      Furthermore, the double-injected PU sole helps you to move around for longer periods of time without discomfort. The upper half of the product is finished with a high-quality Grain Buffalo Leather that gives it a distinct and authentic look. Aside from that, the shoes are capable of withstanding up to 200 Joules of energy.


      10.Safety Shoes by Bata

      Safety Shoes by Bata

      Bata is company noted for its wide range of items that appeal to people of all ages, from young to old. Bata has been dedicated to enhancing the working lives of people all across the world since its inception. Bata Safety Shoes are not onlymade to work well, but also to look attractive.

      Buy attractive looking safety shoes on Eego Italy's website

      Bata is constantly innovating and adding new features to their shoes to ensure the user's comfort while wearing them. Bata safety shoes are among the most reliable and long-lasting goods on the market.


      Finding a new pair of safety shoes on the internet can be a difficult endeavor. You're likely to be perplexed by the various types of safety shoes, varied standards, and multiple toe protection systems. Fortunately for you, we've given you complete information about the Top 10 safety shoes available in India.

      We hope that this article has given you enough information to make an informed purchase decision. If you liked this Eego Italy's article so share it with your friends and near ones to keep their feet safe.


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