Tips For Safe Trekking Trip in India for Beginners

Tips For Safe Trekking Trip in India for Beginners


Going on your first-ever hiking trip may sound like any other vacation, but it can quickly become a nightmare due to a lack of prior planning. Trekking is an unforgettable experience because of the pollution-free air, breathtaking hills and valleys, and beautiful grasslands. However, if you are not well prepared, you may become exhausted from hauling needless goods in your suitcase or find yourself in difficulties or problems. So you need to know what you need for a safe trekking trip.

Through this article, we will tell you tips for a safe hiking trip in India for beginners that will help you plan a safe trekking trip.


Tips For Safe Trekking Trip in India for Beginners

If you are planning a long or weekend trek, here are a few tips on preparing for a safe trekking trip.

1.Shoes for a safe trekking trip

shoes Safe Trekking Trip

Our first suggestion for safe trekking in India is to buy good quality trekking boots/shoes. That are durable, comfortable, water-resistant, and long-lasting and can be worn on any terrain, be it hilly, swampy, or forested areas, because your shoes are your only most significant companion. If you want a safe trekking journey on your way, then our advice would be to buy good quality trekking shoes from Eego Italy's website.




 2. Tent for a safe trekking trip

Tent for a safe trekking trip

Carry a tent always for a safe trekking trip in the Himalayas with you because in case the weather becomes stormy or snowy, depending on the terrain you're travelling. As a result, if you're trekking a mountain anyplace in central India, including the Western or Eastern Ghats, or up north in the Himalayas, you'll need to have a tent to protect yourself from the elements.


3. Training for a safe hiking trip

Trekking is similar to running a marathon and should only be attempted after appropriate preparation. You should begin your training a few days before the date you must start your expedition. Find large areas of land where you may go for a brisk walk, run on paths, and skip around so you can thoroughly prepare for your safe trekking journey.


4. Maintain physical and mental health 

Tips For Safe Trekking Trip in India for Beginners

For a safe hiking trip in India, you have to maintain your physical and mental health.

  • Do yoga every day to improve your physical and mental strength. Yoga improves muscle tone, flexibility, and power.
  • It also increases athletic performance while toning your body.


5.Learn everything about your route

Tips For Safe Trekking Trip in India for Beginners

    We can't deny that discovering new trails and mountains is fascinating, but for a safe hiking trip in India, always keep an eye out for information about wild animals in the region and what to do if you come across them. Poisonous plants can be found in the area, and consider oak, poison ivy, and sumac as examples of hunting seasons and places in the mountains and any hiking alerts that may apply at the time of your trek.


    6.Start hiking early

    If you are a beginner and want to do trekking safely, you should add two more hours to the recommended trekking hours as your pace will be a bit slow then; you should plan the time enough so that the darkness doesn't overwhelm you while on the trail.

    Let's say, for example, you need 5 hours to complete the trekking route, then assuming 7 hours to go out for trekking.



    That's all for the time being, friends, and we hope you found this helpful article on tips for a safe trekking trip in India for beginners. The information given by us will help make your trekking journey a pleasant one. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and close ones.


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