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Important Things to carry on a Himalayan trek

Important Things to carry on a Himalayan trek

It is often seen that when trekkers make their checklist for their trekking trip, they are very confused as to what to buy, where to shop, what to rent or how much to spend. We have brought this article to solve this problem of yours, in this article we will tell you about everything that a professional trekker needs in trekking trip

So let's know what you have to pack in your bag before going on the trekking Because the bag is your biggest companion in your trekking journey.


Basic Things to Carry on a Himalayan Trek

List of basic things to carry on a Himalayan trek

1.Shoes to carry on a Himalayan trek

First point of article important Things to carry on a Himalayan trek is this you need a nice pair of trekking shoes is a must-have with Ankle-supporting and proper grip on soles are advised. Your feet will require as much comfort and durability as possible. Get waterproof shoes, especially if you're going on a trek during the monsoon or winter.


2.Headlamp to carry on a Himalayan trek

Headlamp for those trekkers who do late-night trekking or after sunset, so you'll need a flashlight especially on hikes that require you to trek at night. A headlamp is an absolute essential! Make sure that your headlamp light is working properly and batteries are fully charged before every trek.


3. Sunglasses 

UV-protected sunglasses is a must-have item to take on a Himalayan trek. You will be exposed to harmful rays from water bodies on ice fields and harmful rays of sun on top , which can injure your eyes. Have you heard about the condition called snow blindness, yes this type of problem can also happen if you do not have sunglasses? That's why it's so important to have sunglasses with you.

4. First Aid Kit 

The most important thing to carry on a Himalayan trek is a first aid kit Buy or make a good quality first aid kit. A knee cap, bandage, pain reliever, antiseptic cream/lotion, paracetamol and other necessary medicines should all be included. It will help you if you get hurt or your health gets worse so with first aid kit with you will be able to trek safely.


5. Rain Cover for bag and body

you should get a rain cover for your trekking backpack to protect your things from rain and should get a proper rain jacket and waterproof pants. if you not buying this so, we recommend you Ponchos because Ponchos are cheap and you don’t need to get a separate rain cover for your bag.


6. Trekking Poles

When you trekking on long trek If you suffer from knee problems then this could be additional support that helps you finish your trek.

Clothes to Carry on a Himalayan Trek

 List of clothes to carry on a Himalayan trek

7. Woollen Cap

During the evenings and on winter treks, you will need a warm woolen cap. It should cover your ears and head properly and protect you from cold and winter.


8. Sun Cap

In the mountains, you should always keep your head covered because the sun is more stronger than on the plains so keep good quality Sun cap which protect you from Sunburn.



Don't carry cotton t-shirts go for synthetic t-shirts which wick away moisture from your body long We would recommend you to go for long sleeve t-shirts.


10. Down Jacket

Warmth, lightness and durability are all advantages of down jackets. Down jackets come in two varieties: synthetic and goose-down. If you're on a budget, go with the synthetic; otherwise, go with the goose-down. It can be worn at night when the temperature drops and your body requires extra heat.


11. Gloves

When trekking in the mountains, you don't know what condition of weather will be next it may be strong winds, rainfall, or snowfall. It is better to take two pairs of gloves first one waterproof gloves wand the second one is woolen gloves to protect your hands


Other Essentials to Carry 

List of other essentials to carry on a Himalayan trek

  • Water Bottle
  • Tiffin Box, Spoon & Mug
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Cameras
  • Power Bank
  • N-95 Masks & Sanitizer



We hope that you liked our article which is on Important Things to Carry on a Himalayan Trek and understood what you need to take with you on your trekking trip and how much money you have to spend. If you have any other friend who is preparing for a trekking trip, then you can share this article with him/her.

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