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Let’s get one thing straight: men dressing can be a bit of a challenge, as the choices are either limited in accessories and shoes, or they’re just professional to make themselves look better.

However, nothing is classier than a man who has excellent taste in shoes and can clearly make any shoes look classy and eye-pleasing with his choice of dress.



“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic gentleman” by Iman. – If you agree with this quote, it’s possible that your shoe collection already consists of staple black, brown, and tan formal shoes. If not then, it is completely important for a man to own a classy pair of brogues and formal shoes in various shades and colors, which can be worn at work, at a function, or even at a wedding.

One can get different styles n colour of brogues at affordable price. 


Men love to wear classic loafers and comfy shoes. They are certainly an easy-to-go style that can be matched on shorts or on formal wear. These cool men’s shoes are simple to carry and trendy with every dress. They bring a cool look when worn on ethnic or western outfits. 



3.Formal black Oxford

These formal black Oxfords are all you need to be the show stopper at the wedding bash. Classy, simple yet stylish; these are meant for those grand weddings outdoors. Pair them with a sleek black suit and get ready to be mobbed by aunties asking your hand in marriage for their nieces and daughters!


 4.Brown moccasins

Pair these tan brown moccasins with a pair of beige pants and a coloured shirt. These will definitely enhance your personality. Aren’t you excited to go for that match with your friends, dressed up to the nines?! These are a must have in your shoe collection.   



 5.Tan brown lace shoe

Anticipating that special Tinder date with the one you matched with yesterday? This time of the year is perfect for those happy, no strings attached times. Pair these tan brown derby shoes with a dark brown pair of pants and a red formal shirt to sweep her off her feet! 




We, at Eego Italy Shoes have had the most spectacular time curating these looks for you. We hope you have a great time emulating these looks and look nothing but stunning at all your social dos during this season.

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